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"Weve got your Waterfall"

Check out our waterfall pictures from our gallery.
    The Waterfall Console Extensions weigh
anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds. 
    Each part is hand rolled fiberglass
with a gelcoat finish.
    Installation requires no tools, just set in
place and the waterfall slides down to a snug fit.
    We have manufactured and shipped waterfalls around the world to many satisfied Corvette owners for over 15 yrs now.
   Our ad has been featured in Vette and Corvette Fever magazines.
   Purchase the waterfall painted or
unpainted with a gelcoat finish.
    We stock waterfall emblems if
you would like to order one with your purchase. 
   Aside from various fiberglass parts we produce, Scorpion Fiberglass Creations is a subdivision of Bodys Unlimited where we
repair and restore Corvettes and other fine classics, so color match and paint quality is  our priority.
   Thank you, SFC

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C-5 Patent No.US D633,857 S
C-6 Standard Pat.No.US D676,798 S
C-6 Stage 2 Pat.No.US D676,797 S
C-7 Stage 3 Pat.No US D729,146 S
 Other Patents Pending
Notice: SFC will protect its interest of
Patented product designs from infringers
by all legal means. SFC does welcome
vender/trade cooperation.
Complete paint or paint & carpet available
Email us or give us a call for any questions or about any discounts available!