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        The Waterfall console extentions will add some style and flair to the interior of your C5 C6 and C7 Corvette                     As a fabricator I created this option for the coupe and hardtop owners that favor the consoles that are stationary in the convertibles. 
  The Waterfall console extentions can be personalized/airbrushed or you may just choose to add the OEM corvette emblem.

Check out our new C7 Stage 3 Waterfall Console!
                With storage compartment!
C6 Stage 3 waterfall with compartment
C7 Waterfall
Patented, C6 Stage 2 Waterfall console
C-5 Patent No. US D633,857 S
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"Give your Corvette Coupe or Hardtop a Waterfall upgrade"
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Check out our latest Patented      C7 Waterfall Console     

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C6 Standard Waterfall
Patented C5 Waterfall console
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